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Fellas, you and your homeboys go out to the club on a Friday night. You are there for about 30 minutes or so before you lock eyes with a woman who blows your mind. Her eyes and body language seem to be sending you the vibe that she wants to talk. You walk over to her and get her to loosen up and laugh a little bit. The next thing you know, the two of you are dancing as if you’ve known each other forever. The body is feeling right. She’s pressing her booty against you and holding the back of your neck. You dance two or three songs with the sexiest girl you ever seen. And then when it comes time to get her number she tells you she has a boyfriend…What?? Yes, I can totally relate. Sucks, right?

Well, here are a few steps you can take to help prevent situations like that and let you live the life you deserve.

Peep game: 

1. Change Your Intentions
You have to sometimes evolve the reasons you’re even going to the club in the first place. Yeah, most of the time guys just go to the club to get women with the hope of possibly taking them home. But when that doesn’t happen, they end up getting upset and feel like they’re wasting their time. That used to happen to me all the time. I had to make a change because it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I figured, if I took the pressure of getting a woman back to my place off of myself, I wouldn’t end up with anymore of what I perceived as wasted nights. If you just go to the club to genuinely have fun, meet new people, and dance, you’ll be all good. Women will see you having a good time on your own and come after you because you’re not giving them a second thought. Trust me, they will wonder why. Women are very curious. They love to find things out. So give them a mystery. Be unlike every other guy in there and just have a good time with yourself and your friends. That’s what will make them want you. You must know your worth. Let her be the one to recognize it.

2. Give Her Yours 
If you do want to connect with her but don’t want to risk asking her if she has a boyfriend or getting denied her number, just offer her your number and ask her hit you up if she wants to. Leave the ball in her court. That way, if she does have a boyfriend and they break up, at least she has your number and will remember the good connection that you guys had. And she probably will hit you up because you didn’t try to control the situation like most guys do. Those are the ones who usually end up with fakes numbers.

Life is fluid, it’s always changing. The problem is that most of the time we try to rush or force things instead of allowing relationships to evolve. 
So if she has your number, that means the possibility is still open for connection. You never know what could happen and that’s kind of the beauty of life. Men, we rush stuff all the time. Women tend to let life play out in its own time. Gotta let it simmer. 

Also, don’t forget it’s 2017…you can just get her Instagram and that’s how people talk anyway nowadays, “It goes down in the DM!” lol

3. Get Your Own
When you go to a club and see beautiful women there, but they have boyfriends or they just want to dance with their home homegirls, leave them alone. Go get your own beautiful Queen somewhere else. Put in that work. One day a fine ass woman will be telling guys at the club that she has a man, and that man will be you. Deep down, men don’t want to go out to the clubs like that. Most of us wouldn’t mind chilling with our own beautiful woman, who knows how to treat a man, supports our goals, feeds us, gives bomb ass sex and calls us on our shit
 when necessary.

You have to remember…the club is not real life. It’s only a couple of hours on a weekend. Women are everywhere, believe it or not. You can score an amazing woman in the wild: at the grocery store, the library, a park, the gym, on the train, etc. Sometimes that’s where you find the best women…just out in the world living their life.

4. Invest in You
If you know any basic information about the law of attraction, you will know that you attract what you think about the most. But one thing that most people don’t really understand is that you must also vibrate at a certain frequency to truly create the reality that you want in your life and the people that will be in it.

If we’re being totally honest here, going to clubs is a lower vibrational activity; lower nature activity (under the influence and ready to fxck!) takes place at the club. 

So, if you want to have a high-caliber life, you must operate at a higher frequency; that could easily be going to empowerment workshops, or going on adventurous trips in the nature with friends or investing in a business that will later become your empire.

When you start to live a life of excitement, you begin to attract people who are on your level and you won’t even have to look too hard for it. That’s why it seems like some people “have it all”…it’s because they do. The only way to reach that level is to invest in the better version of yourself every day. Women will recognize that and literally go out their way to be noticed by you so that a potential relationship could take place.

Sometimes we sell our selves too short and end up with exactly that – the short end of the stick. But we have to wake up and realize that there is so many amazing opportunities in life that can take us beyond our wildest dreams, if we can just take that leap into the Unknown.

Go create a life worth living.

Hunt your dreams down, my friends, and the rest will fall into place.

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