Why Are You Here?


We are all on this planet for a particular purpose. Most of the time, we kind of get carried away with maintaining our day-today lives to the point where we get sidetracked from our Soul’s Mission. The mission of your soul is the only reason why you incarnated into a physical, human body. The body is just the vehicle for the driver, your soul is the one behind the wheel.
Where have you driven in your lifetime thus far? What destinations and people have you encountered on your life’s highway? Good experiences? Not so good ones?

Well, there is no better time than right now to pull that car over, get out, and just take a deep breath. Check the mileage on your car and see if everything is working properly. It is the time to ask yourself where you are really going. And if you even want to go there, or are just going through the motions inside your comfort zone.

Do you even know your niche or what your true calling in life is yet?
Here are three steps that have helped me realize my soul’s mission. Maybe they can do the same for you.

  1. Strip and Release
    Too often we think a certain way because of how we have been raised as children. Those conditioned thoughts flow easily into our adulthood and we just carry on with “business as usual”. But these are not necessarily your true thoughts, the ones you own as the unique individual you are when stripped of all your conditioning. In order to truly know the internal workings of your being, you have to peel away the layers of everything you have been told about who you are, what you believe, and what you are capable of doing. Conditioning begins in early childhood and unfortunately, many have had a childhood where they were emotionally neglected or even abused and fed thoughts that were not true. Children are malleable, so these thoughts become your truth. You believed them because you had to in order to survive in the world that was created by those around you.

Take out a pen and a pad. I want you to write down all the ideas, concepts and thoughts that you think make up who you are, based specifically on how you were raised and the experiences you had growing up.

I want you to write all of the ugly thoughts and perceptions of self you can think of. This is the time to face all of the negativity from your past that you’ve probably avoided, justified or rationalized away. Take those false beliefs head on. Face them. Accept them as things that happened, but not as parts of who you really are.
In doing this, you’re stripping away everything that does not take you to higher levels of self. Release them from your heart and mind. Disown that which weighs you down. Forgive those who caused you pain. Thank them for the lessons. Think of yourself as a big balloon, and each of those negative moments, words, and experiences as sandbags tying you to a false identity, keeping you from your true potential. As you cut the ties to those sandbags, then (and only then) will you be able to reach your highest level of self.

  1. Self-Inventory
    Now that you have stripped away and released all the negativity that you have collected from your past, it is time to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with yourself so you can take an inventory of who you are now. This is also a time where you are more open and free to adopt new concepts and powerful ideas about yourself.

Write down all your weaknesses and all your strengths. It’s okay if you perceive your weaknesses as outweighing your strengths right now. The entire point of this exercise is centered in honesty, so you really need to lay out everything you have to work with on the at this very moment. Over time, those weaknesses will transform into your new strengths.
For right now, focus on your strengths. Really look at them and examine how they can benefit yourself, your family, your community and the world. You were born with a uniqueness that nobody else on the planet can mirror.

The main key is to uncover that uniqueness and embrace it.
When you learn to embrace your uniqueness, you start to resonate at a higher level of vibration and appreciation for life. Only then will Life open up to you, allowing you to see where your unique capabilities can be used to impact others.

  1. Test It Out
    Once you have recognized a few strengths, you can then try out those strengths in the real world. You will begin to see endless possibilities lying dormant in your strengths.

Let’s say you realized that you are a great cook, really good with children, and love solving math equations. Each of those strengths can be used to impact others right away. Your cooking skills could be used to feed the less fortunate or you could put your cooking sessions on YouTube and possibly end up with your own show. With your passion for kids, you may realize you’d like to become a full-time teacher or you could volunteer at a homeless shelter to mentor underprivileged children. With your knack for mathematics, you could tutor students; you could be an accountant for some influential organization. You could even blend all three strengths by doing the bookkeeping for your own non-profit that teaches kids how to cook and live healthier lives.

The main point is that once you are comfortable with your strengths and have fun with exploring the possibilities they create for you, you will start to see how you can be of use to the community around you and begin living a more purposeful life.

When our sense of accomplishment comes from sharing our gifts with others and improving their lives, that is when life becomes more fulfilling.

I believe once you have wholeheartedly put your all into these three key steps, you will very well be on your way to living out your life’s purpose.
At each stage of growth, it’s going to evolve somewhat, but evolution takes time. Remember that with each step, you will be getting closer to the path that leads you to what you are meant to do in this world. So stop living the life you believe you’re “supposed” to and start to live the life you’re meant to live.

The choice is yours. The life of happiness and fulfillment that you truly want is closer than you think.

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